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What to Read Next?

Have you ever been so confused you don’t know what to read next? Maybe something new, maybe something from your TBA? You have a pile of library books, books that have been bought for you as gifts and maybe just a few you happen to buy today when you tried not to go into Waterstones but just couldn’t help yourself? Then there are all those boxes in your room….

Well, you are not alone. My TBR has to be at least 500 books long. There are so many new books by amazing authors, that come out every week. In fact, according to the Guardian, roughly 20 new books are published every hour! This number doesn’t appear to be decreasing either, with new authors self-publishing, e-books growing more popular and is it me or are young people just being born more talented?

If you’re an avid reader I think you just have to accept that you will NEVER reach the bottom of your TBR, and this will either terrify you or set you free. I like to think that I live in the comfort of knowing that I will always  have a good book to read. I will always have a friend with me. I will always enjoy those quiet times. But when it comes to choosing what to read next, well. That’s a challenge.

Working in a library I go on recommendations a lot. When there is a book that hasn’t been recommended personally I go with a favourite author and if they have a new book and then I tend to jump on the twitter or book review wagon – which I must say, hasn’t let me down yet. But say you decide what book to read next and you’re not enjoying it, do you slog on until the end? Absolutely not!

There are so many fabulous books in the world that making yourself endure a book that you’re not enjoying is madness and also detrimental to your love of reading. Just stop. Pick up another book and start again. My normal rule of thumb is that if it hasn’t grabbed me by the third chapter I’m done. Now I know that there are always going to be exceptions but this works for me generally.

Still can’t decide what to read next? Flick through your potentials very quickly and which one are you most excited about reading? Which one makes your heart beat just a little bit faster. That’s the next one. Go with that.

Thanks for reading.


4 thoughts on “What to Read Next?”

  1. Dear God! I have just come upon your blog. I have just written a post on this subject. I thought I was bad with around 50-60 to be read, but 500!! Suddenly my book addiction doesn’t seem so bad!

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