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Box Rooms by Laurie Bolger #bookreview

About 9781909136786

Box Rooms is fantastic debut collection from poet and professional compere Laurie Bolger.

The collection displays extraordinary warmth and realism in it’s down to earth manner and at times feels like your conversing with a friend. With poems about booze, carrot mash and wheelie bins all set within good ol’ London town, this will resonate with a lot of people.

It’s the poetry collection for people who don’t like poetry.



I love a bit of poetry, but this collection is a real special treat. At twenty-five poems long, it’s a lovely reasonably quick read but you do find that the poems stay with you long after you’ve turned the last page. One of my favourites was ‘W10’ a poem about the house proud old dears who would scrub their doorways, in shock contrast to how a lot of people live today. There was a poignant sense of nostalgia, an impression of something that we as a nation or possibly generation has lost. In less then ten lines Laurie has summed up how attitudes in Britain have changed and not all necessarily for the better.

‘The Tarted-Up Boozer in Shoreditch’ was hilarious and really made me belly laugh. Poking fun at overpriced and inanely trendy new bars that seem to be growing ever more popular in the city nowadays, this brings home how ridiculous it is to try to be something that you’re not. Something that definitely resonated with me.

While these are just two of the poems inside this great collection, there are many more gems inside.


About Laurie

article-hub-laurie-bolger-400x300 You may recognise her from the Nationwide adverts that are on the TV at the moment, reading poetry about owning your own home. Laurie is a London based poet and presenter who has toured the festival circuit, won slams and supported bands across Europe with her words. Laurie hosts the popular stand-up poetry night, as featured on Channel 4, BANG Said The Gun as well as her own spoken word radio show Round @ Laurie s live from Camden’s iconic Roundhouse. Laurie currently facilitates poetry, song-writing and storytelling workshops with a range of groups around the UK and has gigged at venues such as the 02 Arena and the Olympic Park. Her poetry style is ‘tell it how it is’ and ‘down to earth’, no rubbish.

Follow her on twitter @LaurieBolger
You can buy Box Rooms directly from Laurie’s website here, and I’m sure if you send her a message she’ll put a gushy note in there for you.

Box Rooms is published by Burning Eye Books.

Thanks for reading – bookish love.


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