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Hot Mess by Lucy Vine #bookreview

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This book was recommended to me for being timely, modern and funny. This person lied to me. This book is a bible and mirror for all modern 30-somethings and hilarious!

So incredibly relatable, Ellie is coming-up 30 and despairing over her job, “shit-hole” house share and love life, having broken up with a long-term boyfriend and just not knowing where to go or what to do.

Feeling that she should have everything together, she feels like a failure (don’t we all) and with the most sardonic wit, narrates her awful plight with a dry humour that left me almost crying with laughter.

If I mention that the novel has a Poldark-esque character (who I lusted after for the whole novel) a gorgeous father,  blunt sister and ridiculous work colleagues…hopefully this will grab your attention.

Read this book to have a good laugh, get absorbed in a heart-warming story and finish it feeling good about yourself and life itself. I don’t think you can ask for much more.


About Lucy Vine

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Lucy Vine is a freelance journalist based in London, who regularly writes and edits for the likes of Grazia, Heat, Cosmo, Stylist and Marie Claire. She also writes a weekly newsy column for Grazia Daily. Fed up of seeing the happily-ever-afters in films, she decided to write her own and her debut Hot Mess is the result.

Follow her on Twitter @Lecv

Hot Mess is released on 25th May on kindle by Orion. Pre-order your copy here.

Thanks for reading!

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