Why Does No One read my blog?? :(

Sometimes when you begin a blog it can be a bit disheartening.

It can feel like no one is interested in what you write, in what you think or your personal opinions.  When you write a blog you want people to read it. You being with writing your first post and then waiting for all the fabulous comments to come through and then……..if you’re lucky you might get a few followers or some kind comments.

When you start a blog it can feel like you’re opening up your inner most thoughts and hanging them out in public for all to see. So being ignored, looked over or just mocked can hurt.

The problem is that there are just so many blogs!! They are easy to set up, maintain and post, so everyone and his dog are doing it.  3.2 billion people had access to the internet in 2015 (according to the International Telecommunication Union) so if every one of them set up a blog with the highs and lows of their everyday life only a very very small few would stand out, and this is where you have to get your thinking cap on. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What can you do to make your blog stand out?
  2. How can you publicise your blog to the maximum amount of people?
  3. What do people want to read about online?
  4. What subject can I writer regular interesting content on?

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I’ve been told that these questions can motivate some people into creating an incredibly successful blog…but I’m just starting out so what do I know?

Surely everything that you say is important and there must be a few thousand people on the internet who would appreciate it or sense some kind of kindred spirit. Maybe the problem is that there are so many blogs focusing on one subject, like books, make-up, beauty, films, parenthood – maybe blogs need to be made completely individual like – my make-up that looks good on me on Wednesdays when the sun is shining – but who could keep posting stuff about that?

My personal opinion…writer about whatever the fuck you want. You want your followers to be people that you connect with, not just a number that you can brag about to the world.

Thanks for reading!!!


3 thoughts on “Why Does No One read my blog?? :(”

  1. I belive that it you write what you are passionate about people will find that it shines through on the blogposts and that will keep people coming back to your blog 😀

    Awesome blogspost!

    Liked by 1 person

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