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What Reading is to Me #bookish #reader

“I don’t know how people find the time to read”

“Books…I don’t really read”

“Do libraries still exist?”

These are all statements that make me shudder and shake my head in disbelief.

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I honestly cannot believe what people are missing by not reading. How they could have missed out on the innermost thoughts of Anne Frank or not travelled to Middle Earth, have they even been to Treasure Island?

But there are some people, and I do have to respect that decision, that do truly not enjoy reading. They just don’t have the brain power at the end of a busy day at work or sometimes just do not have the quiet space to concentrate with children running around or a busy family or other duties. And that is O.K. In fact, it makes reading all the more special to me.

When I was younger I loved reading the books that no one else read! I felt like it was just me & them, this was my story and with that came a delicious possessiveness. The story was my best friend.

I was pretty average, bordering on weird at school but reveled in the OK/Odd status. I learned things that no one else know, I went places that no one else went to, I was kind of special. In a nut shell I think this is what reading does to me. It make me feel special. I know things that no one else knew and was able to escape whenever I wanted to.

There are still some books I have read that I’ve yet to find a person who has read it as well and sometimes I hope I never will.

Also, as you read more the easier it gets to almost inhale stories, novels and anything written. There have been studies recently that suggest you more you read that your brain will store words as “pictures” based on sound and shape. You can look at a page and take in the words like a picture almost instantaneously being able to read a sentence or (for very experience readers) a paragraph or page. The is a very interesting article about this here.

In March this year The Independent published an article to say that bibliophiles are general nicer people (Link here), so at the end of day if nothing else makes you want to read more. It makes you a nicer person to be around!

Thanks for reading! Lots of bookish love to all you readers out there 🙂







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