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Practice Makes Perfect by Penny Parkes #BookReview #BooksAndTheCity


This book is such an enjoyable read!

I love feel-good book with substance and Penny Parkes has proved that she really knows what she’s writing about, with her writing style, medical terms and treatments. This is a village story with a romance, rather than a romance fitted around a village.

The characters were great, really believable, they all had their own stories and background, life experience. Holly and Taffy’s new relationship, balancing work and very active twins was hard and realistic. I adored to see the couple both at work and at home, as you could really see that they are made to measure and it was so visible that Taffy loves Holly and her family above all.

Practice Makes Perfect was light – hearted and warm and I’ve finished reading it with a warm feeling. I adored the writing style and characters. It was full with drama,  conflict, twists and turns through the entire narrative and it was easy to completely lose yourself in the story while reading it. It also dealt with some important issues in sensitive and  comfortable ways. I really enjoyed this book – it had all you need in a good, engaging story. Highly recommended!

About the author

Penny Parkes lives in the Cotswolds. She has appeared at literary festivals around the country and has written for The Telegraph as well as extensively in her local media. She is very active on social media. Follow her on twitter
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