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What Fresh Hell by Lucy Vine #BookReview

What Fresh HellLucy Vine, bestselling author of HOT MESS, returns with another hilarious laugh-out-loud novel.

‘Totally relatable and hilarious – one of the best books I’ve read’ – Heat

‘Laugh-out-loud funny. Truly, the Bridget Jones for our generation’ – Louise O’Neill

What do you get if you cross a dozen drunk hens with one shiny Butler in the Buff?

Meet Lilah Fox. She’s on the hen do from hell. Then she gets a message (44 of them, actually) from her best friend with big news: she’s getting married in six months. Oh, and Lilah’s her maid of honour. Which means she just got signed up for:

– A military schedule of wedding fairs and weekly planning meetings

– Excel spreadsheets and endless hen emails

– All the enforced, expensive fun you can imagine…

What fresh hell is this?


My Review


When I read Hot Mess (Lucy’s first novel) there were times when I was crying with laughter and ever since I have closely followed Miss Vine’s work, read and waiting to read anything else that happened to come my way. Then What Fresh Hell!

This is another hilarious, laugh-out-loud romp of a novel that I would gladly recommend to all my twenty and thirty-something friends. Vine, has a way of creating characters that are so relatable, that if I met them in the pub later that day I really wouldn’t be surprised.

The main character of the novel, Lilah, is your average London girl in her late twenties and it seems as if ALL of her friends are getting married. Its just one hellish hen do and wedding after another, that is until her best friend gets engaged and she is in charge of the hellish planning herself and a Bridezilla that could easily been seen as trying to out-do a Kardashian.

Crazy family, outrageous requests, massive egos and mass quantities of willy straws combine to create a make or break situation for Lilah, her best friend and possibly the rest of the people around her too.

I love the “message” of this novel too. Lilah is told one one point in the book, to stop thinking of everyone else all the time and just to “be more selfish”! In a society where we are so scared of what everybody thinks and FOMO is an actual thing, this is very wise advice indeed. I loved the ending and felt uplifted and motivated to maybe be a little more selfish myself too.

Great book. Perfect holiday read.


About the Author


Lucy Vine is a freelance journalist based in London, who regularly writes and edits for the likes of Grazia, Heat, Cosmo, Stylist and Marie Claire. She also writes a weekly newsy column for Grazia Daily. Her debut novel Hot Mess was a eBook Number One bestseller.

What Fresh Hell is her second novel.

She is currently working on her third and I can’t wait to read it!

Follow Lucy on Twitter @Lecv 


To pre-order your own copy of What Fresh Hell for the ridiculously crazy price of £1.99 follow this link! Buy here. The book will be released on Thursday 8th March 2018.

A big thanks to Orion book and Lucy Vine for letting me read and review an advance review copy.

Thanks so much for reading!!



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