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Ascension by Carmen Capuano #BookReview

51KhtI5TVrLJessica blessed–or cursed–with the ability to see the colour of peoples’ souls, but must keep this a secret in the perniciously religious, dystopian society in which she lives. This is the best way of keeping herself safe.

When she discovers that her friend Sarah is pregnant and unmarried, their society begins to reveal its true and disgusting colours. Jessica cannot keep turning her head from the evil that surrounds them both. Sarah’s child will be taken from her at birth and she will be forced into a life of shame.

As time slips away Jessica becomes determined to discover where the father of Sarah’s child is and why he’s disappeared. But will the answers save, or destroy their society?



This was my first book that I’ve read by Capuano and she has a unique writing style.She has written numerous books, for children, adults in many different genres and this one is definitely dystopian but whether it could be marketed as YA or Adult.

Written in the first person, the narrative moves quickly and you are immediately introduced to Sarah and her pregnancy crisis. Jessica then takes on her friends plight and seeks to try and obtain justice for her. The dystopian society of Ascension, is dark, strict and controlling under the guise of religion and of course, it’s the women who are worst affected. Reminiscent of Gilead, Panem and even Stepford.

Jessica is a strong female protagonist and is able to use her “disadvantage” of being a women to her advantage and gain access to the inner Sanctum on her quest. I liked Jessica but at times felt frustrated by the fact that her & Sarah didn’t just run away – but maybe this is the point!

Overall, it a good easy read with a satisfying ending. Would recommend to all dystopian story lovers.


About the Author

cf40-4e84-4e26-a12d-83ce83d2a5f5Carmen Capuano was born in 1966, in Govan, Glasgow and is of Italian and Spanish descent. She left her native Scotland at the age of eighteen to seek her fortune in London. A full and varied career saw her tread the boards as a musical theatre performer, before undertaking such diverse jobs as a primary school teacher and veterinary assistant in Birmingham. She now lives in the small Worcestershire town of Bromsgrove.

Interested in writing from an early age, it was only when she had her own children that she found her enthusiasm for story telling had not waned in any way and was still as alive and enticing as ever. “For me, writing is as essential to the soul as breathing is to the body.”

Follow her on twitter @carmencapuano.

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