2018, Poetry

I Forgot #Poetry

I forgot about that time when we met,

And remembered the first time you kissed me.


I forgot about the time you were three hours late,

And remembered when you brought me the biggest bouquet of flowers I had ever seen.


I forgot about our first little tif,

And remembered the great make-up sex.


I forgot about you getting so angry with me over saying hello to the waiter,

And remembered you telling me that evening that you thought I was the most beautiful person in the entire world.


I forgot about the first time you raised your fist to me, because I accidentally creased your best shirt moving in all my clothes,

And remembered our perfect evenings, listening to Chopin & drinking Chianti, telling each other we’d love each other. Always.


I forgot about the time you locked me in our room for two days,

And remembered when you opened the door with the biggest diamond ring I have ever seen in my life & asked me to forgive you & promise to never leave you. You just loved me so, so much.


I’ll forget about all the bruises & blood & marks on my body,

And I’ll remember you being so so sorry & that you just can’t help it. I just make you crazy and you adore me to the ends of the earth.


And I’ll forget about the time when you go too far and I’ll forget everything.

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