2017, Poetry

The Federation #Poetry

The guillotine has fallen

With a merciless chop

Make Britain great

Make Europe stop


Brexit is the hair that goes up on the back of your neck

When you feel the pit of your stomach falling


In my Star Trek idealism I feel sad and confused

This isn’t the way it’s supposed to go…

We’re all supposed to stand United

For peace and prosperity


Then the Union just gets bigger and bigger

Until the whole world and all the humans in it are part of something much bigger than countries

Much bigger than continents

Much bigger than petty governments

Much bigger than you or I


But no, we’ve just become smaller

In heart and in mind and in land mass


How are we supposed to form the Federation?

How are we supposed to create Warp Drive?

How are we supposed to rid ourselves of this wicked monkey on our back, otherwise known as money?


Are you trying to tell me that Star Trek isn’t real?

Because if you are I have some news for you

Look at our mobile phones, from Star Trek.

And look at Google Glass, from Star Trek.

Look at the hypo injector sprays, from Star Trek.

Even Tractor Beams! From Star Trek.


So you watch out because the Federation is coming.

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