2018, Poetry, Uncategorized

My Latest Obsession #poetry

You fill me up with your kisses, but my gluttonous heart demands more and I seek out your every attention.

A look, a touch, a movement all pulls me closer, never satisfying – just teasing, tempting.

I am weighed down with wanting – night & day.

I want to breathe you in & gobble you up, holding you down while I take in every morsel of every fibre and taste it slowly on my tongue.

Your intoxication makes me blissfully high.

I suffer when not in your company. Please do not wean me from your affections, for I fear that I shall wither away without them, to become dust & bones.

Let me feed my obsession with your grey eyes and your rough hands and your soft words, while the space between us gets smaller and smaller until there is no space at all.




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