2018, Poetry

Hidden Monsters #30PoemChallenge #Poetry

Myths and Legends
Beasts and Brutes
Capture our minds
And our hearts to the roots
Of your imagination
All vast and wide
Do come with me to look inside

Dragons that scorch you
With blazing hot breath

Minotaur’s that search you
To gore you to death

Unicorns that save you
When lost and alone

Leprechauns that trick you
When you should’ve known

Fairies that tickle you
When they think you’re asleep

Gargoyles that stare at you
Make your skin creep

Fantastical creatures inhabit our world
Every place that you look
Not hiding, just curled
Away from the people with closed hearts & minds

I dare you…look closer
You’ll be amazed what you’ll find




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