(Friday 8th August 2014 – Thursday 28th July 2016)

He was almost 2.

Almost 2 years of furry fuzzy belly rubs

Almost 2 years of his tilted head stares

Almost 2 years of tripping over him on the stairs

Almost 2 years of him catching squirrels and mice and rats and all the little creatures and the big

His purr was deep and strong and kind

Sometimes when I woke up he would be snuggled up next to me on the duvet, those were always the best mornings

He never fought or scratched

He was such a gentle little soul

Tuxedo down to his white little socks, his back legs which had longer knee-length socks

He was such a loving little dork

I loved him so much

He should’ve been able to grow old and sleep on my lap

So I could shake the treat box and see his ears perk up when he was an old man

His eyes would stare at you sometimes so deep you wondered what he was looking at

But I never worried about him – he was so self reliant

He always came home when he was ready, snuggling up on his red blanket

Sometimes he would keep little dead treats like mice under the fridge and store them there so he could play with them later.

Of all of this litter, him with his two sisters he was definitely the softest, yet travelled the farthest

I would stare at his perfect teeth and his perfect tiny pink little nose.

He was perfect in every small imperfect way and he was mine for almost 2 years.


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