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Iconic Lists of Books You HAVE to read….

“200 books you HAVE to read before you die”

“If you’ve read THESE books then you’re a book addict!”

“100 Classics that you HAVE to read”

“Top 10 reads for this summer”

I’m sure you’ve all seen these lists before and sometimes clicked on them, noted the titles you’ve read and come away feeling happy;  but more often than not scrolled through them seen things you haven’t read and come away feeling unsatisfied or even a little bit sad 😦


For me, theses lists often list the books that people want to be seen or tell people that they’ve read, rather than books that people would actually enjoy reading.

For example,

The list of books will be subjective to the writer of the article, but also subjective to how they are feeling at the time, what they are going through in their life and even what they’ve heard from other people.

Another unspoken truth is that many publishers use their influences with papers, bloggers or other writers to make sure that their books are on their lists, especially if it’s about new books or books to read for a particular season.

Lists can be useful if there is a lot of crossover and a particular book is mentioned on many lists, but think of how many times you have really enjoyed a book or film that was panned by critics, or hated a book that everyone else seems to like? I know it’s happened to me on several occasions.

Your best bet when looking for a list of books you would like to read, go down to your local library and speak to the staff there 🙂 They love helping people find new reads and have a wealth of information to help them and you.


Ultimately when it comes to choosing books to read, unless you really respect the person giving you the recommendation, just read whatever the fuck you like! Whether it be Erotic Adult Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, Sci-Fi, Contemporary Literary Fiction or heat magazine; embrace and revel in it!

You do not need to rely on book lists that tell you what you should or shouldn’t have read You’re a reader because you read.

Enjoy whatever you want to read and thanks so much for reading my blog. Xx


4 thoughts on “Iconic Lists of Books You HAVE to read….”

  1. So true! I think that if you are looking online for recommendations, it’s better to find one critic or column that you read regularly so you can understand their preferences and how they relate to your own. I’m mostly comfortable picking my own books, but I do this a lot with music.

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  2. YES to this post. I HATE when people try to force you to read things, when you explicitly say that you are not interested. I decide what I want to read and when I want to read it. Thank you for writing this! 😊


    1. Absolutely! I get so many recommendations & lists of books I have to read or (I might die or something) but I’m just gonna read what I want! Thanks 🙂 glad you like it x


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