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The First Prehistoric Serial Killer and Other Stories by Teresa Solana #BookReview #BlogTour


First Prehistoric Serial Killer Cover

An impressive and very funny collection of stories by Teresa Solana but the fun is very dark indeed.

The oddest things happen. Statues decompose and stink out galleries, two old grandmothers are vengeful killers, and a prehistoric detective trails a triple murder that is threatening cave life as the early innocents knew it.

The volume also includes prize-winning Connections, a sparkling web of Barcelona stories — connected by two criminal acts — that allows Solana to explore the darker side of different parts of the city and their seedier inhabitants.


My Review

Today is publication day for this fabulous crime collection and it’s something very special indeed. I adore short story anthologies and these stories are split into two sections: Blood, Guts and Love, and Blood Connections.

The writing style is quirky and tongue-in-cheek. Sometimes the sentences, do seem to be short, sharp & snappy but I think this in intended in the translation. You do get a Latin/Spanish vibe from reading them.

Each story is completely  self-contained even thought there are connections throughout, the thing I like about it is that you can dip in and out at your leisure or read them all in one fell swoop. You can also read them in any order you want, which is always a bit nice & subversive.

A couple of my favourite stories were:

I Detest Mozart – Such an interesting concept and Karma in action.

Happy Families – Do you have a guardian angel, or is it just the previous occupants of your house?

The Son-in-law – Almost scarily relatable.

Would definitely recommend, to those who are fans of comedic crime or  something a little bit different from the main stream.


About the Author

Image result for Teresa Solana author

Born in Barcelona in 1962, Teresa Solana lives in Oxford. She has written several highly acclaimed novels. A Not So Perfect Crime, the first in the Borja and Eduard crime series, won the 2006 Brigada 21 Prize for the best Catalan crime novel.

Since then, she has published five more novels.

Author of many articles and essays about translation Teresa Solana has also written children’s books



A big thanks to Bitter Lemon Press and Anne Cater for allowing me to be a part of this blog tour.

If you would like to purchase your own cope of The First Prehistoric Serial Killer follow on of these links:



Massive thanks for reading!






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