The Picture

Flicking through my feed

Looking at some pictures

I knew that you and she were friends

But when the picture scrolled past my screen my heart stopped cold

Anytime I see you it’s enough for time to stop 

While every chemical and hormone, which you cause to be released, rushes through me

I become a statue on the outside – taking in your face, your mood, your appearance.

On the inside I am burning, boiling, blistering

But this wasn’t just a normal picture of you

This was a picture of her kissing you

And you were smiling

Like you were so happy

I felt sick

Tears were welling in my eyes

Pain sliced through me

Resonating deep in my heart

I stopped breathing

My mind went dark

All I could feel was the shock 

Coursing through my body like electricity

I dropped my phone and awoke from my numbing stupor

How could this happen?

Don’t you know how much I adore you?

How could you destroy me with this picture?

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