An Amoral Heart

An amoral heart is presumed black as night,

with sinewy, hot, wet arms that grab and crush the happiness out of everything.

Wicked thoughts and evil desires being its motivation.

But it is not like that

An amoral heart is clear as crystal, hard as ice and inside there is nothing

If you were to look directly at it, you wouldn’t even see yourself reflected back.

It’s hollow host does not care or feel but simply exists

An amoral heart can do as it pleases – no thoughts of consequence .

An amoral heart doesn’t really care about anything or anyone but simply things that amuse it.

An amoral heart is the most terrifying of all heats as there is no chance of falling in love,

or guilt through seeing suffering or those things that shape us into who we are.

A person with an amoral heart is barely a person at all.

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