A Wonderful Life

An optimist would state 'lt's not that bad!'
A pessimist, 'Yes, it is...& worse!' The middle
Ground itself is blurred by dark & light
And indeterminable shades of grey, with little
In clear focus to enjoy, be sad
Or certain on; the true & false, the right
And wrong, an hideous mess of random chance
And undesign; yet, still we persevere,
Though stricken dumb, to shout out loud & clear
‘A wonderful life, it is! Come, join the dance!’

Such hideous beauty, born not out of love,
Nor lust or hate; conceived in blind & blank
Indifference; ruleless & unruly; gracious
Merely when it suits; outrageous; 'Thank
You', ‘Please’ & manners in the main above
Or quite beyond it; ideals of a beauteous
World got lost in centuries past, if found
Or even guessed at; now, we're all at sea
On land, shipwrecked sailors floating free,
Our vessels sunk, our noble captains drowned....

The great unwashed & petty swinish multitude
Speaks in clichés; knows not what it says,
Nor when to stop; insidious talk, demotic
And perfidious; 'No' is not no, ‘Yes'
Some meagre, rationed truth; exotic food
Is thought of things mundane; unerotic,
Sexed imaginations; hideous fuss!
And is this what we take to 'darling wife',
A cynical, ugly, mean, invidious life
Which captures, shapes, unites & disunites us?

L. A. Barron


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