Random Thoughts on Creatures

In jest, we call them 'creatures of the night'.
In truth, we've never seen them by the light
Of broken day, unless the rat called Bernard
Counts! Perhaps great hordes of badgers, foxes,
Mice & Muntjac deer convene outside
The staffroom door when we have gone away?
Well, maybe not, in fact! Besides, it's dark
Enough to make them quite invisible, stark
Unexistent to our feeble eyes,
Unused to looking, seeking long or hard.
Did Shrodinger's cat exist before it died,
Or did it have a virtual life, a day
Or two of either/or/both/and, no chance
Of reproducing mortal truth & lies
Whilst trapped within our subatomic boxes?
For what we can perceive cannot be all
There is, & mere appearance isn't real,
No more than reality has a true appearance.

L. A. Barron


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