Watching Westerns with Ludwig Wittgenstein

I should have liked to have known him, Wittgenstein,
And gone to movies, certain they were crap,
Insipid, B-feature fayre, non-thought provoking
Westerns, gumshoe Noirs, or melodrama,
Romance, musicals, the rest of all such pap!

But, as the world is all that is the case,
And he died when he did, not even joking
Poems like this one- however fine!-
Can resurrect him, meet us face-to-face,
To joust, & dent his philosophical armour!

No, I'm not a genius, nor was meant
To be! How dare I thus presume? 'm lent
A mind & life, a body & a soul,
Yet grasp at parts, & try to steal the whole...

L. A. Barron


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