Marriage: The Lover to his Post-PostModern Coy Mistress

'My love, I love you far-too much for marriage... [Anon]

I asked Her 'Will you marry me? She said
I will; but one day by & bye, not now?
Tomorrow, next month, next year, maybe? How
We go, too quick or slow, makes soon or late?
It's down to you & I, we/us, not Fate?

OK!', I countered, 'But, a long time dead
Are we? A vaster aeon unalive
Before our birth, likewise ? We're crammed within
An existential sandwich, so why not thrive
Upon ourselves, Consume & be consumed,
Halve the blame & share the credits, thin
And thick times…
She smiled & laughed, & then resumed:
‘One has to die of something !’ is the adage?

[Alternative endings]

It may as well be love & hate in marriage!’
Bodies, yes; but not true love in marriage!’
I'd rather perish single than in marriage!’
So, I'll nurse you if you will, me, in marriage?’
Lies, damn lies, statistics, yes...but, marriage ?’
I'll choose eternal life with you in marriage !’
Dearest, let us treat that now with marriage?’
It's cannibals' luck if we descend to marriage!’
Does mortal turn immortal by this marriage?’
What might us kill might make us strong in marriage?’
Starve alone, I say, don't feast on marriage!'
But not the daily living death of marriage!’
The marvell is that more don't die in marriage!’

L. A. Barron


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