Perhaps to be or not to be a weasel…

If nothing's good or bad but thinking makes
It so, it follows on for me I think,
Therefore l am' implies I'm pretty good?
Yet, others might infer this specious lie
Is self-designed to smooth, if not defy,
The warts & wrinkles ethics breeds in rude
And ill-defined bad habits- mostly drink
And words, more words than drink!- & all life's breaks..
But, no! I'm not Prince Hamlet or The Bard,
Nor was meant to be! Methinks, a weasel,
Twisting up the truth? No whale or camel
Solid, firm & real when times get hard?
I do my best, & stumble through lost days,
Destroying half-good with less-evil ways.

L. A. Barron


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