Illusions of Youth

I thought, Love was a music box A perfect gift That played a perfect tune No doubting or questions or caution So I waited For my music box But the boxes That brushed against my eager heart Just screeched and bit my fingers There was One  That played a  Merry tune and it almost made… Continue reading Illusions of Youth


Starry Night

The night sings to me as I paint It swirls around my colours and around the village I remember When I was there my world was dark All except the night sky that twinkled to my loneliness Stone walls surround me People are coming I must hide this picture in my head until I am… Continue reading Starry Night


The Complete

The complete The whole  The one hundredth  The line with two eyes peering into your reckless acts Counting the failures  Your laughs Your tries Your successes Your lovers Your lies Making a record of all the little things you barely even think of Brushing your teeth Your footsteps Blinking Breathing Until you reach  The complete … Continue reading The Complete


Behind the Mirror

She lurks behind the mirrorWhispering the truthsMy face a poor defenceFor actions that she moves Forever patient, there she waitsMy true self – mask removedMy face a poor escapeSo she wallows in her tombAs I grow, does sheRipening fierce desiresMy face a poor disguiseFor undiscovered fires I fear her, loathe her, love her Pushing her… Continue reading Behind the Mirror