When young, you feel immortal- you are not-, And what you think or know, believe or are Is quite beside the point of having fun, You chase & squeeze emotions' moments far Too far for good or bad; you've really got To make things last, the laughing, crying, one- And-only chance & shot at life,… Continue reading Anataraxia


‘What vision can we have… ?’

What vision can we have, what purpose, goal Or aim can we achieve when, all through life, Half-blind & stumbling day-to-day in droll Impersonations of ourselves- in strife Too much to see the narrow strait that leads Directly to the grave from cradle via Satisfaction of far-simpler needs Than we invent or think we should… Continue reading ‘What vision can we have… ?’

2020, mental health, Reading

Why it’s so Hard to Read When You’re Experiencing Mental Health Problems

I love books and books have always been a part of who I was. Years ago, when one of my friends was asked to describe me, in a game that a group of us were playing, he said "well...she's always doing something vaguely bookish." I was the stereotypical bookworm as a child, reading way past… Continue reading Why it’s so Hard to Read When You’re Experiencing Mental Health Problems

2020, Poetry

An Ode to Autumn

The inane prettiness of spring has passed Her constant chatter melted by the summer sun. Summer has then in turn burnt himself out The constant beating of light and heat fading... Autumn breezes into being, a soothing balm for weariness Reassuringly cloudy skies let you breathe in the sweet scent of time slowing down Her… Continue reading An Ode to Autumn