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Now You See by Max Manning #BlogTour #Review

Will you look her in the eyes, just before she dies? A terrifying crime thriller that will set your pulse pounding. Perfect for fans of M. J. Arlidge, Robert Bryndza, and Angela Marsons. On the streets of London, a vicious killer is using social media to turn murder into entertainment . . . I, Killer… Continue reading Now You See by Max Manning #BlogTour #Review

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The ‘rents #30PoemChallenge #Poetry

I’m a little bit of my mum and dad The good, the bad, the ugly And something else to spite them both But, it doesn't really bug me   They tried to teach me right from wrong Good manners, naturally. But what I loved best - was when they messed up! Then they couldn't say… Continue reading The ‘rents #30PoemChallenge #Poetry

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The Two Houses by Fran Cooper #Review

After an acclaimed career in ceramics, Jay herself has cracked. Recovering from a breakdown, she and her husband Simon move to the desolate edges of the north of England, where they find and fall in love with the Two Houses: a crumbling property whose central rooms were supposedly so haunted that a previous owner had… Continue reading The Two Houses by Fran Cooper #Review

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Alternative Facts #30PoemsChallenge #Poetry

Who needs the truth after all? Does it matter what is right or wrong? But the news comes at you, large and small.   Though, in these traps you’re bound to fall, Inevitably swept along. Who needs the truth after all?   Yet, how can we move forward, tall To authentic guides within the throng?… Continue reading Alternative Facts #30PoemsChallenge #Poetry

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Hidden Monsters #30PoemChallenge #Poetry

Myths and Legends Beasts and Brutes Capture our minds And our hearts to the roots Of your imagination All vast and wide Do come with me to look inside Dragons that scorch you With blazing hot breath Minotaur’s that search you To gore you to death Unicorns that save you When lost and alone Leprechauns… Continue reading Hidden Monsters #30PoemChallenge #Poetry

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The Circle of Uncertainty #poetry #30PoemChallenge

One hundred words One hundred songs One hundred rights One hundred wrongs   One hundred lives One hundred deaths One hundred skins One hundred breaths   One hundred eyes! One hundred hearts! One hundred breaks! One hundred parts!   One hundred tears! One hundred wails! One hundred cries! One hundred fails……      

2018, Poetry

Blank Holidays #Poem #30PoemsChallenge

Another bloody holiday, Shops shut, I’m on my own. Family have been and gone, I’ve no one left to phone.   There’s nothing on the telly. Might pour myself a drink. Don’t really feel like reading. So I’ll just sit and think.   I love and hate these empty days, But if I must be… Continue reading Blank Holidays #Poem #30PoemsChallenge