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Iconic Lists of Books You HAVE to read….

"200 books you HAVE to read before you die" "If you've read THESE books then you're a book addict!" "100 Classics that you HAVE to read" "Top 10 reads for this summer" I'm sure you've all seen these lists before and sometimes clicked on them, noted the titles you've read and come away feeling happy; … Continue reading Iconic Lists of Books You HAVE to read….

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The Two Houses by Fran Cooper #Review

After an acclaimed career in ceramics, Jay herself has cracked. Recovering from a breakdown, she and her husband Simon move to the desolate edges of the north of England, where they find and fall in love with the Two Houses: a crumbling property whose central rooms were supposedly so haunted that a previous owner had… Continue reading The Two Houses by Fran Cooper #Review

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Incest by Christine Angot #BookReview

I see this book as a work of art, it is not something that I enjoyed reading. Yet, I feel that books like this HAVE to be written to keep the landscape of modern literature fresh, live and moving forward. Angot here handles the taboo of incest in shocking prose and there were times when… Continue reading Incest by Christine Angot #BookReview

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Dying to Live by Michael Stanley #BookReview #BlogTour

An insight into Africa's crimes, death and mysteries. "Sunshine Noir" of the highest order. Whatever you do, do not judge this book by its cover (which, I found slightly off-putting) there is a thrilling and very unique murder mystery inside. This is the 6th book in the Dectective Kubu series and the very first one… Continue reading Dying to Live by Michael Stanley #BookReview #BlogTour

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Practice Makes Perfect by Penny Parkes #BookReview #BooksAndTheCity

This book is such an enjoyable read! I love feel-good book with substance and Penny Parkes has proved that she really knows what she's writing about, with her writing style, medical terms and treatments. This is a village story with a romance, rather than a romance fitted around a village. The characters were great, really… Continue reading Practice Makes Perfect by Penny Parkes #BookReview #BooksAndTheCity

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Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan #BookReview

A political and riveting read! James is a public servant and family man accused of rape. He was having an affair with Olivia and ended it, then something happens between the two of them and whether it's consensual or not is at the decision of a jury.  Olivia gives a believable account of the story,… Continue reading Anatomy of a Scandal by Sarah Vaughan #BookReview

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What Reading is to Me #bookish #reader

"I don't know how people find the time to read" "Books...I don't really read" "Do libraries still exist?" These are all statements that make me shudder and shake my head in disbelief. I honestly cannot believe what people are missing by not reading. How they could have missed out on the innermost thoughts of Anne… Continue reading What Reading is to Me #bookish #reader

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The Sport of Kings by C.E Morgan #bookreview #BaileysPrize

  Of all the books on the #BaileysPrize shortlist this year, this one lends itself to be described most suitably as an "epic". A family saga that follows the Forges through three generations. Linked into the main character of Henry Forge are horses and not just any horses, thoroughbred horses, racing horses. Henry becomes obsessed… Continue reading The Sport of Kings by C.E Morgan #bookreview #BaileysPrize

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Buy or Borrow?

The eternal question - do you buy the book or borrow the book from the library? Which actually supports the author more? Which supports the community more? Which supports society more? These are all questions I'm sure that serious readers have considered. Now just because I work in a library doesn't mean that I never… Continue reading Buy or Borrow?

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Hot Mess by Lucy Vine #bookreview

This book was recommended to me for being timely, modern and funny. This person lied to me. This book is a bible and mirror for all modern 30-somethings and hilarious! So incredibly relatable, Ellie is coming-up 30 and despairing over her job, "shit-hole" house share and love life, having broken up with a long-term boyfriend… Continue reading Hot Mess by Lucy Vine #bookreview

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Why I Love Neil Gaiman

Ever since a friend of mine at school handed me Coraline, way back in 2002 I've been hooked on Gaiman's unique brand of fantasy writing. The fantastical worlds that could be at the end of your garden or just over the wall felt so close and so real. Having been a Terry Pratchett fan from… Continue reading Why I Love Neil Gaiman