Len, Poetry

Weak Obsession

‘We always crave the thing we cannot have Nor get, no matter what it is.' Oh well, Then, just give up before you start! Possession Isn't all it's cracked up to be? And is it really true to say the object Of desire attracts the puny subject? Rather, it's the want & absence, lack Within… Continue reading Weak Obsession

2020, Poetry

An Ode to Autumn

The inane prettiness of spring has passed Her constant chatter melted by the summer sun. Summer has then in turn burnt himself out The constant beating of light and heat fading... Autumn breezes into being, a soothing balm for weariness Reassuringly cloudy skies let you breathe in the sweet scent of time slowing down Her… Continue reading An Ode to Autumn


To Hope (in homage to Emily Bishop)

Hope is not a thing with feathers It is a thing with scales That slips and slides through all your brain And never stops or fails And clearest - in the murky depths And cruel must be the brute That could squash this little fish That no one could pollute I've felt it in my… Continue reading To Hope (in homage to Emily Bishop)