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Iconic Lists of Books You HAVE to read….

"200 books you HAVE to read before you die" "If you've read THESE books then you're a book addict!" "100 Classics that you HAVE to read" "Top 10 reads for this summer" I'm sure you've all seen these lists before and sometimes clicked on them, noted the titles you've read and come away feeling happy; … Continue reading Iconic Lists of Books You HAVE to read….

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Two Cousins of Azov by Andrea Bennett #BookReview #BlogTour

This warm and engaging read caught me by surprise. I read this right after reading The Music Shop by Rachel Joyce and was struck by the similar relatable and comforting prose. The story is about two men in their twilight years who have to work through darkness in their past to come to a peaceful… Continue reading Two Cousins of Azov by Andrea Bennett #BookReview #BlogTour

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Buy or Borrow?

The eternal question - do you buy the book or borrow the book from the library? Which actually supports the author more? Which supports the community more? Which supports society more? These are all questions I'm sure that serious readers have considered. Now just because I work in a library doesn't mean that I never… Continue reading Buy or Borrow?

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Together by Julie Cohen #bookreview

I was recommended this book, purely on it's epic twist and OMG what a twist! Now let me tell you straight - this is not a psychological thriller - not a book where you are trying to figure out who killed who but there is an underlying feeling the whole way through the book that something… Continue reading Together by Julie Cohen #bookreview