The Complete

The complete The whole  The one hundredth  The line with two eyes peering into your reckless acts Counting the failures  Your laughs Your tries Your successes Your lovers Your lies Making a record of all the little things you barely even think of Brushing your teeth Your footsteps Blinking Breathing Until you reach  The complete … Continue reading The Complete


My Book Moment Unboxing – February 2019

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I’m thrilled to be sharing the contents of the first My Book Moment box which I received last week.  You can find out more about My Book Moment at their website mybookmoment.com, but this is a new monthly box where you can choose between popular fiction or crime and thriller.  Whichever option you choose, the book will be a new paperback release and the box will also come with a hot drink and snack plus a third, mystery item.  At £12 per box, I think that this makes a great gift for the book lover in your life, or for when you fancy a little treat for yourself! 😉

MBM Feb 19 #1I love that the slim design of My Book Moment fits through the letter box, helping to avoid a trip to the local sorting office.  And the packaging is all recyclable too, using card and paper to protect the goodies…

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An Amoral Heart

An amoral heart is presumed black as night with sinewy, hot, wet arms that grab & crush the happiness out of everything. Wicked thoughts & evil desires being its main motivation.   But it is not like that.   An amoral heart is as clear as crystal, hard as ice and inside it is completely… Continue reading An Amoral Heart

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Broken #30Poem Challenge #Poetry

You ripped my heart You tore my soul You sliced my dreams Consumed me whole   You wrung my soft flesh out to dry You lied to me, You made me cry   You broke my heart You tore my heart You squeezed my heart You stomped on my heart   You beat my heart… Continue reading Broken #30Poem Challenge #Poetry


Seal Skin #30PoemChallenge #Poetry

Selkies are not real. There are no ladies who can unrobe their skin like a dress. To come alive at night to dance, In magical groves with their sisters. There are no ladies who can unrobe their skin like a dress. None that are so beautiful that it’s painful to look at them, In magical… Continue reading Seal Skin #30PoemChallenge #Poetry

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Fable Tales #Poetry #30PoemChallenge

We all have our own fables Our own sweet cautionary tales Of lives & hearts being led astray Or tales of triumph against all odds   The lessons we have learnt Or maybe not at all The deep dark woods we must avoid And strangers that would like to eat us!   To not judge… Continue reading Fable Tales #Poetry #30PoemChallenge

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My Latest Obsession #poetry

You fill me up with your kisses, but my gluttonous heart demands more and I seek out your every attention. A look, a touch, a movement all pulls me closer, never satisfying – just teasing, tempting. I am weighed down with wanting - night & day. I want to breathe you in & gobble you… Continue reading My Latest Obsession #poetry

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What Reading is to Me #bookish #reader

"I don't know how people find the time to read" "Books...I don't really read" "Do libraries still exist?" These are all statements that make me shudder and shake my head in disbelief. I honestly cannot believe what people are missing by not reading. How they could have missed out on the innermost thoughts of Anne… Continue reading What Reading is to Me #bookish #reader


First Love by Gwendoline Riley #BookReview #Baileys Prize

First Love is the shortest of all the books selected in the Baileys Prize 2017 shortlist but this does not make it any less powerful. Gwendoline Riley writes in a sober and sad style. There is a resignation about life that exudes from the main character who narrates in first person. Neve, is stuck. She drifts… Continue reading First Love by Gwendoline Riley #BookReview #Baileys Prize

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Seal Skin by Su Bristow #Bookreview

   A beautiful and haunting novel that will stay with you long after you have finished. When I initially started this book I was excited as I love fantasy, especially when in real and contemporary settings, but...when I reached the end of the first chapter I was shocked and stunned. The main character Donald does… Continue reading Seal Skin by Su Bristow #Bookreview