Free Books!

**Disclaimer** OK, OK – no book is really free. Blood, sweat, tears and sometimes years of work go into books and we want to make sure we’re giving authors the respect that they deserve but…some almost are.

Here are just a few places online where you may be able to obtain that most desirable of all things – a wonderful book in exchange for something other than money.

Books for Reviews

Here are a few website links for bloggers,vloggers or places you can get books in exchange for honest reviews online:


If you’re in a reading group, check out the Reading Agency’s website where they regularly send out free reading group sets of new titles in exchange for reviews here:


Author giving away one of her books!


Miscellaneous Websites 

  • Bookbub – memberships website that notifies you of discounted and free books on major book-selling website.
  • Amazon – just go to “Kindle ebooks” and type in free for a list of all the free books in Amazon.
  • Gutenberg – for all those classics in the public domain.
  • GoodReads Giveaways!


Good Luck 😊