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Iconic Lists of Books You HAVE to read….

"200 books you HAVE to read before you die" "If you've read THESE books then you're a book addict!" "100 Classics that you HAVE to read" "Top 10 reads for this summer" I'm sure you've all seen these lists before and sometimes clicked on them, noted the titles you've read and come away feeling happy; … Continue reading Iconic Lists of Books You HAVE to read….

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The Circle of Uncertainty #poetry #30PoemChallenge

One hundred words One hundred songs One hundred rights One hundred wrongs   One hundred lives One hundred deaths One hundred skins One hundred breaths   One hundred eyes! One hundred hearts! One hundred breaks! One hundred parts!   One hundred tears! One hundred wails! One hundred cries! One hundred fails……      

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What Reading is to Me #bookish #reader

"I don't know how people find the time to read" "Books...I don't really read" "Do libraries still exist?" These are all statements that make me shudder and shake my head in disbelief. I honestly cannot believe what people are missing by not reading. How they could have missed out on the innermost thoughts of Anne… Continue reading What Reading is to Me #bookish #reader


Why Does No One read my blog?? :(

Sometimes when you begin a blog it can be a bit disheartening. It can feel like no one is interested in what you write, in what you think or your personal opinions.  When you write a blog you want people to read it. You being with writing your first post and then waiting for all… Continue reading Why Does No One read my blog?? 😦

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Why I Love Neil Gaiman

Ever since a friend of mine at school handed me Coraline, way back in 2002 I've been hooked on Gaiman's unique brand of fantasy writing. The fantastical worlds that could be at the end of your garden or just over the wall felt so close and so real. Having been a Terry Pratchett fan from… Continue reading Why I Love Neil Gaiman