Random Thoughts on Creatures

In jest, we call them 'creatures of the night'. In truth, we've never seen them by the light Of broken day, unless the rat called Bernard Counts! Perhaps great hordes of badgers, foxes, Mice & Muntjac deer convene outside The staffroom door when we have gone away? Well, maybe not, in fact! Besides, it's dark… Continue reading Random Thoughts on Creatures


Glasses: A True Story, or The Truth at Last?

I lost my glasses, falling over drunk One night, with no idea just where. 'd thought I'd see things clearly, even in the dark? Not so, it seems! To miss the fucking mark Is far-more easy really than it ought To be when stone-cold sober's done a bunk! But, now it makes me think, what… Continue reading Glasses: A True Story, or The Truth at Last?

2020, Poetry

An Ode to Autumn

The inane prettiness of spring has passed Her constant chatter melted by the summer sun. Summer has then in turn burnt himself out The constant beating of light and heat fading... Autumn breezes into being, a soothing balm for weariness Reassuringly cloudy skies let you breathe in the sweet scent of time slowing down Her… Continue reading An Ode to Autumn