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Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo #bookreview #BaileysPrize

Stay with Me deals with the marriage of Akin and Yejide, in Nigeria, who are struggling to have a child of their own and after unsuccessful attempts and huge societal pressure, bring in a new wife. This is how the novel opens. While the characters aren’t always likeable, they are written remarkably well. Yejide seeps… Continue reading Stay With Me by Ayobami Adebayo #bookreview #BaileysPrize

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The Power by Naomi Alderman #bookreview #BaileysPrize

The Power! What a book. I'd been told by countless people that this was one to look out for and was not surprised that it made the Baileys shortlist.  Dealing with themes such as gender, sexism, oppression, equality and religion it really does make a fascinating read. What makes it event more interesting is the frame… Continue reading The Power by Naomi Alderman #bookreview #BaileysPrize

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The Sport of Kings by C.E Morgan #bookreview #BaileysPrize

  Of all the books on the #BaileysPrize shortlist this year, this one lends itself to be described most suitably as an "epic". A family saga that follows the Forges through three generations. Linked into the main character of Henry Forge are horses and not just any horses, thoroughbred horses, racing horses. Henry becomes obsessed… Continue reading The Sport of Kings by C.E Morgan #bookreview #BaileysPrize

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Together by Julie Cohen #bookreview

I was recommended this book, purely on it's epic twist and OMG what a twist! Now let me tell you straight - this is not a psychological thriller - not a book where you are trying to figure out who killed who but there is an underlying feeling the whole way through the book that something… Continue reading Together by Julie Cohen #bookreview

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Hot Mess by Lucy Vine #bookreview

This book was recommended to me for being timely, modern and funny. This person lied to me. This book is a bible and mirror for all modern 30-somethings and hilarious! So incredibly relatable, Ellie is coming-up 30 and despairing over her job, "shit-hole" house share and love life, having broken up with a long-term boyfriend… Continue reading Hot Mess by Lucy Vine #bookreview

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Into the Water by Paula Hawkins #Bookreview

Paula Hawkins much anticipated second novel after The Girl on the Train. I've been so excited about reading this after the huge popularity of Hawkins first book and I was not disappointed. A complex and dark narrative involving a drowning pool, hidden tragedies, abuse of power, a village with secrets and most importantly sisters (sisters are… Continue reading Into the Water by Paula Hawkins #Bookreview

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Seal Skin by Su Bristow #Bookreview

   A beautiful and haunting novel that will stay with you long after you have finished. When I initially started this book I was excited as I love fantasy, especially when in real and contemporary settings, but...when I reached the end of the first chapter I was shocked and stunned. The main character Donald does… Continue reading Seal Skin by Su Bristow #Bookreview

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Box Rooms by Laurie Bolger #bookreview

About  Box Rooms is fantastic debut collection from poet and professional compere Laurie Bolger. The collection displays extraordinary warmth and realism in it's down to earth manner and at times feels like your conversing with a friend. With poems about booze, carrot mash and wheelie bins all set within good ol' London town, this will… Continue reading Box Rooms by Laurie Bolger #bookreview

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The Breakdown by B.A. Paris #bookreview

About Bestselling author B A Paris is back with a brand new psychological thriller for 2017. Cass Anderson didn’t stop, that night, to help the woman in the car down that dark country lane, and now she’s dead. Ever since, silent calls have been plaguing Cass and she’s sure someone is watching her. Consumed by… Continue reading The Breakdown by B.A. Paris #bookreview