2021, Short Story

Hiding – A Short Story

Eliza woke up screaming. All her dreams were the same since that night. But it was OK he wasn’t here now. She listened to the hammering rain against the window and slowly took deep breaths. In and out. In and out.  The scent of the rain filled her bedroom through her small open window and… Continue reading Hiding – A Short Story

2018, Blog, Bookish

Does Talent = Success?

Oh, to be successful. In a perfect world, we'd all be born with the same privileges and equalled but varied talents. The people with the most talent would exceed in their field, as logic dictates and the people who observed this talent would think the work was worthwhile, but.....it doesn't always work out like that.… Continue reading Does Talent = Success?


Why Does No One read my blog?? :(

Sometimes when you begin a blog it can be a bit disheartening. It can feel like no one is interested in what you write, in what you think or your personal opinions.  When you write a blog you want people to read it. You being with writing your first post and then waiting for all… Continue reading Why Does No One read my blog?? 😦